26 dating a 21 year old

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26 dating a 21 year old

I have shown friends pictures of her, asking them 'hey how do old do you think this girl is? I tell them that she is 30 and they can't believe it.They support me being with her, probably because they think she is hot.And I've always found it creepy when women date men old enough to be there fathers.So I think you need to think carefully about what you want for the future.

If she's wanting to go out partying every week while I like to take it easy, then this won't work..if she's not into the bars and clubs and more likes my lifestyle, then it can.

Ive had a total of three LT girlfriends abd basically they all ended the same way.

Now the first two tried to come back hard after a long period of time...after the party was over. Something long term, in the sense of committment, leading to marriage?

For the most part it was a healthy and loving relationship, until the end anyways, and we learned a lot from each other.

However, and not to toot my own horn, but my belief is that girls in that age group (18-21) who are actually mature enough to have a strong, healthy, happy relationship with a man in his 30's (or any man for that matter), are in the vast minority.

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For some reason every single girl Ive dated Ive met at work as opposed to meeting out. When I was 28 I met a 20 year old girl and we were together for 3 years.

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