Am i an intimidating person quiz sugar daddy dating reviews

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While this doesn’t excuse their behaviors, tapping into this perspective can empower you to communicate without fear and not take their behavior personally.2. Get yourself in the right headspace for the interaction.

It won’t always be easy, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become with sharing your thoughts and insights.You may find that underneath their scary exterior, there’s a person. Recognize your similarities rather than focusing on your perceived differences.Also, realize that even the most challenging people are struggling with their own insecurities (which may manifest as aggressiveness or insensitivity).People with strong personality can be very intimidating. They may be very successful in their professional and social lives, but they also create an atmosphere of fear around them.The fights and struggles they have endured all their lives make them like coconut, hard from outside, soft from inside.

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Speaking to someone who intimidates you can be scary.