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Well there was the tinfoil hat a blizzard april fools joke"Hide yourself from the armory."Scorpx3 , 22 June 2007 (UTC)scorpx3 7-2-07 The Armory has not updated in a few weeks and in some cases it updates the guild members level but nothing else. Magnumswift , 2 July 2007 (UTC) Should third party alternatives be listed here? It's one thing to link to thottbot, which is 'reputable', but to link to Joe Blow's site... It's one thing to link to someone notable and trustworthy, like thott or wowhead. --Bane , 11 December 2007 (UTC)And another point...

A programmer's page would be far more technical and be useless to the average reader looking for "What is the armory? --Curtwulf , 28 April 2008 (UTC) A few external sites haven't been updated at all for Wot LK, or are somewhere in that process, so I changed the list of links.

Note: The database will be cleared because too much has changed (not for alpha users).# Character names in the summary will use class colors (if enabled) when the class column is disabled.# Added the option to mark a guild bank as personal to include its gold in a character's money tooltip.# If gold in statistics exceeds 100K the smaller denominations are removed and only visible in the tooltip.# Pressing enter in text box didn't invoke searching in the lookup and find frames; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to make the minimap icon position global.# An option has been added to include item counts for personal guild banks only.==== v12.9.1 ====# Included updated German translations.# Added class color to trade skill cooldown warning.# Added class color to achievement tooltip.# Increased number of "in progress" lines in achievement tooltip from 2 to 10.# Added sanity check to prevent nil index error when updating guild data.# Using command line option to delete guildbank data didn't close open guildbank; this has been fixed.# Guildbanks on connected realms are now merged into one.

Logging in to such a realm should automatically take care of this.# After deleting a guildbank, the /ar gb command was no longer available.

Also, saying that no-one uses those websites is plain stupid.

We have around 50.000 unique users a month and the other armory websites probably don't have less.

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Mizzrym (talk) , 5 June 2009 (UTC) Is there any information about the XML data you can get from the armory and ways of using it?

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