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Benedict cumberbatch dating alice eve

His female fans were originally known as "Cumberbitches", but are now known as the "Cumber Collective" or "Cumberpeople".

Cumberbatch is uncomfortable with the term "Cumberbitches" because he says its non-inclusive and pejorative.

He then subsequently provided the voice of the physicist in "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking" (2010) and "Stephen Hawking's Grand Design" (2012) which both aired on Discovery Channel.

His voice has been creatively described by journalist Caitlin Moran as a "jaguar hiding in a cello".

According to a film critic, his voice is "so sepulchrally resonant, that it could have been synthesized from the combined timbres of Ian Mc Kellen, Patrick Stewart and Alan Rickman holding an elocution contest down a well".

He played Stephen Hawking, who had previously played himself on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).

He shares the role of Sherlock Holmes with both Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Plummer.

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