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Bisexuals in brooklyn  dating

A straight male friend recently admitted he doesn’t believe bisexuals can handle monogamy.

“If you are attracted to people of both sexes,” he said, “that just doubles the temptation.

And when a woman flip-flops from women to men you wonder, is it because I couldn’t fuck her like a man can? “I’ve always been most attracted to intelligence,” she said.

“The rest is just logistics.”Anna however, draws a distinction between the quality of her pull to men and women.

”Mathematically his hypothesis makes sense; however, I can’t even look at most people let alone imagine having the sex with them.

I just consider myself ‘me.’” But if the definition of bisexual implies an interest in both sexes, and Amy can relate to that, why not own the label?

After Ellen’s Anna Pulley (and my go-to bisexual) said, “Some view the word as limiting, or reinforcing the gender binary, but I’ve never really bought that argument.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty jarring (socially) when folks go from hanging primarily in (for example) a lesbian community to one that’s not primarily lesbian.

Or on the flip side, there is difficulty fully integrating their straight partner into their queer world.

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Same thing with ‘bisexual.’ When someone calls me ‘bisexual’ I feel like equivocating, like, yeah, I sleep with men and women but I’m not a bisexual like you think I am.”Brooklyn teacher Melanie also expresses discomfort with the designation.“I’ll acquiesce to it when pressed,” she said.

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