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Black Dragon has been around the Manosphere practically since it's inception.

He started out as a poster on the old Fast Seduction forums, being a proponent of polyamory and specialising in Online Dating.

These fixed price, on-demand services enable clients to bid 2x (or more) opportunities per year, with greater speed, more agility, improved overall effect, better efficiency, and lower risk within existing B&P resources.

The Blackdragon integrated suite of on-demand products and services are designed to help bidder clients win targeted contracts in the shortest time with lowest investment risks and minimal disruption to daily operations.

ATO’s under their normal process are typically plagued by long lead […] BLS processes hundreds of thousands of surveys each year to provide the government and public with essential data about society and the economy.

Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence has radically transformed their productivity, freed up its workforce to perform fewer menial tasks and has resulted in more accurate survey analysis.

As the largest and fastest growing bid and proposal (B&P) company throughout the federal industry, Blackdragon is the only of its kind full-spectrum outsource solution that wins entire contracts on behalf of bidder clients.Outside active duty careers in the military, which is uniquely designed to incentivize service tenure, the federal civilian workforce at large is a relatively static body that does not fluctuate much […] The Census Bureau has a team of innovation specialists working to accelerate the process for getting security authorizations—known as an Authority To Operate, or ATO—for new systems and applications.Among their potential solutions: Developing an artificial intelligence bot that offers wisdom from successful ATOs.I mean, I've got MY girl, who I love and takes great care of me, but the rest I don't expect much out of.They're in and out of your life, they'll be obsessively in love, they'll run hot and cold or whatever, and then they're gone.

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He states that monogamy doesn't work and is counter-productive to long term happiness.

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