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The nightlife in Sarajevo is great…as long as you don’t want to pick up women. The influence of the coffee culture has hit the nightlife. The problem is that they don’t talk to strangers, at least not at night. Okay, here’s the deal: There is no Bosnian dating site, at least none that I can recommend. Hell, I even compared both sites with Russian Cupid, but that was pretty disappointing. It happened between 19 and some of the girls you meet online have experienced it. In such terrible times you don’t think about cheating or about finding yourself in a meditation retreat in India. Instead, you remind yourself of what’s really important.

You can find a few small clubs, such as the Pink Houdini, the Underground Club or the Monument, but it’s rare to see people dancing. I mean, I checked out a few but they can only be described with the words has the most Bosnian women who believe in God. I only found two girls, one in Sarajevo and one in a tiny village I’ve never heard of. And they do their best to forget what they’ve witnessed. Unless you want her to hate you, cry, and run out of the restaurant, you should talk about your travel adventures or your job instead of the war that she tries to forget. That’s why Bosnian brides are conservative to the core.

Since unemployment is a primary concern in Bosnia, the employment of any member of the household is seen positively.

As such, many women may run family businesses from their home whilst their husband works elsewhere.

It is normal for a man to be the formal head of household, representing the family in public whilst the woman has the most authority at home.

Men are generally the main income earners whilst women are more commonly found in the domestic sphere.

For those Bosnians that live in villages, it is common for the man to work outside of the village and rely on their wives to keep them updated with the latest news of the community.

Bosnian culture has strong conceptions of femininity and masculinity.

Parents often support their children well into adulthood until they move out at marriage.

In return, Bosnians are expected to care for their elderly. Elders are highly respected for their wisdom and experience.

It’s expected that their opinions prevail over others’ in family matters.

Women are expected to be well-groomed, reserved and have a feminine look.

For example, it could be considered unladylike for women to exercise at a gym.

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While nuclear households are common in towns and cities, the average size of the Bosnian house is still quite big.