Boys expectations when dating

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Boys expectations when dating

The belief in modern dating is that relationships should happen naturally.Two people meet, and if they are “right” for each other, like magic, everything will fall into place.Is your system based on what your mom or dad taught you that you boys do?Is it left-over from a list you devised in college, or even high school?

So here’s what I want you to think about: Are your plusses and minuses based on the stuff that genuinely determines whether a man can make you happy?

Part 3: Are Your Expectations of Men Based in Fear?

Successful relationships, at any level, require more communication then the magic “naturally” implies, because the only product of letting a relationship happen “naturally” is ambiguity, disappointment, and heartbreak.

Is the guy telling the girl she has pretty eyes just so he can sleep with her, or does he genuinely and authentically think she has pretty eyes? The one running theme throughout all of this discourse on both sides of the fence is the constant expectation of sex and romantic interactions on the behalf of men, and the intimations of constant deflation of the behalf of women every time they meet what seems like a nice guy who turns out to be anything but nice.

Does the guy who’s offering her a ride when her car is in the shop genuinely want to do this for her — does he do it with his guy friends too, or is it only her, and infused with the expectation of sex or affection? He may have mimicked the behaviors of nice people well, but his intentions were far from what he communicated with those behaviors.

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Do you know that in the world of sexual attraction?

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