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Brendan fraser now dating

Finally, he doesn’t resent his place in Hollywood and moan about wanting to be a serious actor.

Nope, Fraser knows the game, he’s willing to play it, and he doesn’t pretend not to do so.

As such, it’s almost impossible to hate this guy, for Fraser’s affable charisma is the rare type that results when an actor does the following: (1) Doesn’t take himself that seriously; (2) Appears quite often in stupid adventure films but isn’t nearly as annoying as Nicholas Cage; (3) Remains scandal-free and, thus, family-friendly and able to pull off well-meaning hero types.

DC announced on Wednesday that Matt Bomer joined the cast of the live-action series as the voice of Negative Man.

Subject: Brendan Fraser, 41-year-old Canadian-American actor Date of Assessment: January 22, 2010 Positive Buzzwords: Amiable, deadpan, cartoonish Negative Buzzwords: Hairplugs, hairplugs, Crash The Case: Ever since Brendan Fraser checked out the fresh nugs and wheezed the juice as Linkovich Chomofsky in 1992’s Encino Man, my opinion of the fellow hasn’t changed all that much.

Over the years, Fraser’s been in a lot of horribly craptastic movies and, for each and every one of them, he deserves to be kicked mercilessly in the balls a few hundred times.

During the New York Comic-Con, it was also revealed the premiere date of "Doom Patrol".

Previous report by Newsrama suggested that the series would arrive on DC's upcoming streaming service on December 12.

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