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He calls her within minutes of her arrival at a Paris hotel.

Everyone recognises her at once – even though she is in jeans and a low-brimmed hat, without a trace of makeup – and the thought occurs that had Kate Moss married the prime minister, or Cherie Blair released an album, they would be unlikely to give an interview in the bar of a busy hotel, unchaperoned by publicists or minders.

It was said that with Nicolas Sarkozy no longer in power, Bruni was bound to leave him. And, of course, Sarkozy would be bored to tears by a wife who knew nothing about politics.They had both, it was whispered, already taken lovers since their improbable whirlwind wedding four years earlier.Besides, even if they did stay together, Sarkozy’s political career was over.Despite the model-turned balladeer's desire to downplay the pregnancy, media coverage is at fever pitch.CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE Every day reports circulate that she's in hospital already giving birth.

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  1. After our marriage ceremony, we walked to a fancy Italian restaurant in Flatiron, with the sun shining down on tall buildings, wide avenues, yellow cars, busy people and giggling school children.