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Carriage Houses are one of our best-selling buildings.

A Passmore Carriage House will complement your property and provide an excellent open-fronted garage for your vehicles.

What goes in, stays in - Henry's innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, meaning emptying with no dust and no mess.

We will call you to listen to your requirements and provide the best options available.

Since 1909, Passmores has enjoyed an enviable reputation for providing expertly-crafted, long-lasting timber buildings of the highest quality.

Our product range includes Timber Garages, Carriage Houses, Open Barns, Sports Pavilions, Equestrian Buildings, Garden Sheds, Workshops and Chalets.

His Hairo Brush easily picks-up stubborn pet hairs, and his charcoal activated Micro Fresh filter reduces pet odours.

With a super long-reach 10m cable, huge 9L capacity and versatile tool set, Henry Pet will become (almost) as important a part of the family as the pets he's cleaning up after. Best Buy bagged vacuums, Henry Pet was the only model in the top 3 to be recommended for his reliability.

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Until recently a rear cat slide roof combined with low eaves height was reserved only for the bespoke oak frame manufacturers at great expense.