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Cheryl cole dating derek hough

In 2009 she appeared in the teen drama series One Tree Hill and after that she was seen in more series such as Jane by Design, How I Met You Mother and Castle.She and Derek started dating back in 2000 and their relationship lasted for 8 years before Derek cheated on her with his co-star Shannon Elizabeth.He is widely known for his appearances on the dance TV show Dancing with the Stars.Hough worked with world champion ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White in their choreographies.Apparently, he enjoys his single life or maybe he feels that he doesn’t have enough time to start raising a family.Apparently, Derek enjoys outdoor dates very much, He has been sighted next to his girlfriend and ex’s going out for strolls and jogging.Shortly after ending his relationship with India, Derek started to appear in public with none other than his co-star in Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth.The actress/model was born in USA and started her career as a model.

Everybody knows that Derek Hough makes fast moves on the dance floor.Later on, she was seen in movies such as Jack Frost and Dish Perros but it wasn’t until her famous topless appearance in American Pie that she caught the public’s eye.After landing a few other roles, she appeared in Dancing with the Stars next to Derek Hough and supposedly started dating when they were still on the show.The dancer also likes going to the beach with his beloved ones and he seems to be of the romantic type of guy. They have been rooting for him since he started to appear on dancing shows and have been closely following his love life.Some say that he is gay and all of his relationships are just a cover up but others claim that he is only a metrosexual and likes staying clean.

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Derek admitted later on that he had never heard any of her songs before meeting her but the ex-couple ended their relationship in good terms.

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