Chris rene melanie amaro dating

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Chris rene melanie amaro dating

Tomorrow night, FOX and Simon Cowell are going to give a million recording contract to one of three artists who haven’t a chance on God’s Green Earth of justifying a deal that big based on any empirical standards.

It seems like only 20 or 30 years ago that we started hearing all of the hype about “X Factor” traveling across the Atlantic and like only three or four years ago that FOX premiered the first audition episodes and now it’s down to three.

A performance from the Cirque du Soleil cast of “Immortal”?

Of pretentious, flexible Canadian circus performers.

“This competition isn’t about note-for-note being perfect. That’s two judges in a row who have finally at least hinted at Chris’ inability to sing. Simon felt Chris’ “total joy and confidence” when he got to his rap verse.

I think everyone should vote for him,” Avril gushes. “It was a little shaky in the takeoff,” Nicole says, before saying that she loves him and that he’s infectious.

I hope he does something similarly stripped down for this last performance. Reid says Josh is “such a rock star.” “It’s undeniable.

Nicole is honored to be part of this journey with Josh and she tells him that music loves him. The mayor of Wooster is very proud of Josh, as is his best friend and his daughter.

This is what happens when you have two singers capable of harmonizing.

Nobody in their right mind would suggest that Chris Rene, Burrito Josh or Melanie Amaro could possibly sell as many albums as Scotty Mc Creery, but will any of them sell as many albums as “The Voice” winner Javier Colon?

Burrito Josh notes that there’s no second place prize.

Instead, Hit Fix’s fantastic Liane Bonin will be spittin’ mad “X Factor” game.

As a warning to all of you, I made stupid travel plans and I’m going to be missing the “X Factor” tomorrow. “She’s completely disarming in her beauty and her talent,” Burrito Josh agrees.

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He’s performing “Uninvited” in front of a spooky forest. “It was absolutely beautiful,” Steve Jones raves, before plugging Alanis’ new album, due out this summer. “I thought you were a little bit intimidated in the beginning,” Simon says correctly.

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