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Another photograph was of a 1930s Black dinner party; Elvin commented that it depicted "an elegance that has been forgotten by many young people today." A mid-1950s travel guide that listed hotels, resorts, and restaurants that would accommodate Blacks brought to mind America’s overt policies of segregation.

A telegram from Harlem congressman Adam Clayton Powell to Roy Wingate, asking Wingate to serve as chair of one of Powell’s reelection campaigns, and a check written by educator and diplomat Ralph Bunche highlighted three famous African-Americans.

Doing double duty, he also wrote an article on the same topic for the recently published spring issue of Ephemera News, the society’s quarterly magazine.

Elvin is a collector, dealer, and consultant on African-American materials.

Western Reserve Historical Society where residents and visitors learned about holiday traditions in Cleveland dating back to the 1800s.

WRHS was kind enough to summarize their presentation to share with our blog readers and tell us where we can find more information on this topic if it’s of interest!

From the tree lighting at Public Square, to the To learn more about holiday traditions in Cleveland, be sure to stop by the Cleveland History Center during the 2017 holiday season.

Start with peek at artifacts representing Cleveland’s cultural traditions in the new Cleveland Starts Here® exhibit sponsored by the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation.

By the 1950s and 60s, these stores became a holiday destination for Clevelanders, who were dazzled by the stores’ festive window displays and beloved characters such as Mr. As the city has grown, its holiday celebrations have evolved along with it, as Clevelanders carry the traditions of past generations into the modern era.The efforts made to establish a national African-American museum have energized an appreciation of Black ephemera.As Elvin emphasized: "various forms of ephemera will have to be an important part of this museum's armamentarium of research, teaching, and display materials.Historical ephemera represents an insiders’ viewpoint of African Americans and their world.Black memorabilia, on the other hand, represents the outside viewpoints of others, usually not admirers.

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