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You can correct this by removing the From Address as a parent using either Address Book Information (P01051) or Organizational Structure Revisions (P0150).

You must then run the Update A/R from Address Book (F0311 from F0101) (P03802) and the Global Update A/P Records w/AB Information (P04802) to ensure that the parent in the Accounts Receivable Ledger (F0311) and Accounts Payable Ledger (F0411) files changes.

Navigate to “Run” from the Windows Start Menu Type “cmd” into the executable field and hit Enter.

When the CMD window opens; you will be presented with your default document folder housing all of your personal files.

For example if your cmd window opens with “C:\Users\Your Name Top Tip – if you navigate to your desired folder in Windows Explorer (e.g.

This process eliminates one Address Book Number in over 400 files and replaces it with the Address Book Number you specify.You can use the A/B - Check For Duplicates (J014052) or Address Book - w/ Tax ID and Person/Corp Code (J014032) programs on the Address Book Consolidation Preparations menu (G003141) to assist you in identifying duplicate address book numbers that you might want to consolidate.JD Edwards World recommends that you run these programs occasionally and evaluate the state of your Address Book files.However, don’t close it – you cannot copy & paste into CMD so you will need to type the folder path out!Once you have entered the command line and hit Enter, the desired folder location will appear on the subsequent line.

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If you need to restore purged data, you should contact Customer Support to discuss options for consolidating restored data.