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In other words, you’re dealing with additional hassles.

Cuba has two prices- one for the locals, and one for the tourists – and tourist dollars and Euros represent hard currency for the government.

No isn’t dangerous, and one reason is an economic one.

Tourist dollars represent big dollars to the Cuban government, so the police give tourists extra protection—the police crackdown extra hard Cubans hassling a tourist.

If you want to learn more about the best way to day game Latina girls, I highly suggest you watch my Girlfriend Express video. Normal girls don’t speak English in Cuba, and if she speaks English then she’s likely to be running a scam on you or is a prostitute.

It’s not always the case, but you’ll really be struggling without some basic Spanish (I suggest doing the 90 lessons of pimsleur and you’ll be good to go in 90 days).

You’ve got families of 8 people cramped into small 2 bedroom units.

However, the people are friendly and there are a lot of tourists around, so it’s a cool place to be. The women in Cuba are alright, but honestly you have better options if you’re after quality of beauty I spent a year living in Colombia and Brazil, and in my opinion the girls in Colombia and Brazil are significantly hotter.

You don’t see shop signs or neon lights, and it’s almost hard to locate the stores since they don’t advertise in any way.My theory is that women in these countries have more money to spend to keep themselves looking good.After all, a woman in Colombia will have more than ten times the income as a woman in Cuba (yes, Cuba is that poor).Tourists get more police protection than the Cubans themselves. Here’s my final verdict: Go to Cuba if you’re looking for an adventure and new stimulation, with girls as being a side interest. Up next, I've got a controversial tip I discovered to have the loving life you deserve, by tapping into what speaks to a woman's DNA on a genetic level...

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The government now allows a Cuban family to rent out one of their extra bedrooms to tourists, and often the family will cook for you.

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