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Both are reasonable explanations, but no one knows really which explanation is true.The best dating advice you’ll get from women is the vague and generic kind. This is because there’s no way it can possibly harm you.I’m smarter and wiser now, hellbent on never letting that happen again, and so when distance is built into my dating life by default, it makes everything less stressful.

I didn’t care that he was divorced and had kids, I told him. Things didn’t end up working out with this particular man, but the date sparked a realization: By and large, divorced dads just have their shit together so much more than their childless, never-married peers.Guys getting dating advice from women never works out well. Maybe his heart was two sizes too small, or then again, maybe his shoes were just way too tight. It’s rather like all the theories behind why the Grinch hated Christmas.Develop a rapport, and see if you have any chemistry.Advice from women for men tends to come out as contrived as humanly possible, laden with qualifier terms, and self-negating utterances that probably mean something in their imagination, but won’t to you.

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Also, after sleeping with the same woman for years, they can sometimes forget that their sexual techniques are not one-size-fits-all.

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