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Dating girl cerebral palsy

But it was my nervousness about the date that had made me act the way I did.

Walking with me made him into an object of pity, too.

By the time I divulged my disability to him, I felt I'd given my humor, wit, and kindness enough time to define me.

I made a joke about the upside about my cerebral palsy, claiming that I was a pro at dancing the sprinkler, which he laughed at and joined in by admitting that I was probably a better dancer than he, a "white guy with two left feet." My sense of humor was the deciding factor: He wanted to meet me in person.

Looking back, if I could tell my younger self anything it would be to not worry about rushing into relationships.

I would have told her that once you learn to love yourself above anything else, the love of your life will come along.

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It was early on a Friday morning when I received the very response I had feared when I first decided to join Ok Cupid. "I thought you were pretty cool, but your disability isn't something I'll be able to handle in a relationship. But you're incredibly intelligent and nice." As a young woman who has lived her whole life with diplegic cerebral palsy, I don't fear rejection.

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