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Dating love ad campaign

It’s no surprise, but the most effective relationships are built on trust and honesty. A user study by Tinder found that “‘warrantability’ is important.

Most of my friend’s Tinder dates went well, except for one where the person was not at all as they had described on their profile. Transparency online ‘increases viewers’ beliefs that a person presented in a profile corresponds with the person creating the profile.’” So what’s the big secret to getting people to swipe right? “Put up photos which represent you how you really look…and include links to your social media accounts so that potential dates can do their background research.” (Marie Claire) Most of us would think twice before lying on our Tinder profile, so we should make the same consideration in our marketing campaigns.

Instead, research your target audience well and use keywords that would speak and resonate with them.

Being personal in an opening message alone isn’t enough to seal the deal.

With Tinder, you craft your profile according to the type of Tinder users you want to attract.

For example, if you were interested in matching with people who had a good sense of humor, you’d likely sprinkle jokes and puns throughout your profile. After my friend received a number of matches, next came the hard part: writing the first message.

You should be doing the same for an online campaign: “Figure out who you want to attract first and optimise your assets (website, content, social presence) to match what they’re looking for,“ says Content Strategy Manager Lisa Toner. The opening message can be the be-all-end-all to your to Tinder pursuit.

There are 2 things we learned from writing effective Tinder intro messages: Have you ever heard a great pickup line and then wondered to yourself “how many times have they used this one before?

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Your match could be getting dozens of personalized messages and you need to grasp their attention in the few seconds until their next swipe.

So skip the lazy, “Hey [name] what’up, I like your picture of [thing]” lines.

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We chose the photos that we thought represented him best, and reviewed his profile. He crafted personalised messages to send to each of his matches.