Dating playing it cool

Posted by / 15-Nov-2020 10:13

Well I have been OD for about 2 months after finishing from a lt relationship 6 months ago.

Been chatting to this guy who is lovely and had 2 dates.

If he doesn't even ask why you aer pulling back, then obviously just leave it. He continues to text and apologises if he hasn't for whatever reason.

Or maybe we're quibbling over semantics - flirty doesn't mean filthy, to me anyway.Personally, I can't stand all that "wait x days before calling" rubbish.If you're keen, and don't want this one to get away, you make plans, show interest.If I phrase it as "he's not that keen", does that sound better? Thanks all for your views and I think I shall just leave it to him and see what happens.But then I'm not telling you anything you don't know, as if he was keen, you'd know where you stood. I'm not prepared to be second best or messed around so we shall see!

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Maybe he is just a decent bloke who respects women!? My BF is very shy and I had to initiate things in the early stages, well worth it in the long term Ah thanks for that, I really do think he wouldn't waste his time texting me if he wasn't interested and I do believe he's shy!

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