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Seems to have loads of time for his mates yet he doesn't put any effort into meeting up.

Anytime I question him he says he's busy but it's like I'm at arms length to him. I thought due to how much he contacts, he was very keen and yet doesn't say... To put it crudely, I had thought he was wanting to be intimate yet at a distance, he sure talks about that, which doesn't make me feel great particularly him being at a distance as there's no satisfaction for me and I don't understand why he doesn't want to be with me in real life.

As both of us are in our mid 40's I thought this may be going somewhere but now I just feel like he's leading me on as when I asked about his living arrangements, he's mentioned moving in with a friend of his.

So it doesn't look like I feature in his future or he has any intention of a relationship and yet he texts all day, every day. Of course he's not going to admit to anything but I feel like he definitely knows how he feels or what he's doing yet isn't telling me. I've tried to break contact several times yet he keeps coming back.

He then enrolled in North Lindsey College on a motor vehicle engineering course, believing at the time that it was appropriate as further education was what everybody did.

He quickly realised it was not for him – he was not being paid and was being taught things he either already knew, or thought would never need, and so decided to leave after a month, having secured an apprenticeship as a truck fitter with a Volvo centre, John Hebb Volvo.

Motorcycle News announced his retirement from motorcycle road racing on 26 July 2017.

Martin starred in Closer to the Edge, a 2011 documentary on TT racing.

The guy I'm seeing we used to go out before we he was in the RAF.

His first job after leaving school was as a heavy vehicle mechanic, which he retained since, being unwilling to give it up for full-time racing and media.

His father Ian was a successful privateer motorbike racer who had competed in several Isle of Man TT events, but he was forced to supplement his income with a job as a lorry mechanic, additionally selling bikes.

Martin returned to the Isle of Man at age 16; overhearing lorry driver and amateur racer Baz Kirk discussing his plans to race in the 1997 Manx Grand Prix with his father, he was offered the chance to assist him as a race mechanic. In 2004 he moved to the Uel Duncan Racing team, staying with them until 2005.

In 2006 Martin raced for Alistair Flanagan's AIM Yamaha race team, replacing John Mc Guinness.

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He was uncertain if the decision would lead him to retire from road racing, mountain bike racing, or if he would go on to do something else, but said "if I do race on the roads it will be with TAS".

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