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Locals taming the Delta’s ecosystem as they have done for centuries.

Among the almost 2,000 sq miles (5,180 sq km) of the Delta, sit over 200 shellfish mounds, some spreading hundreds of metres long.

These mounds were built for both the dead (funerary mounds) and the living (man-made islands forming managed waterways).

With some of the mounds dating back two millennia, the Saloum Delta is a prime example of how humans have not only survived, but thrived in coastal West Africa through the ages.

Bassari country is a window display of human endeavour and stunning scenery.

Encompassing 50,000 hectares of Senegal’s south-east, the site is split into three distinct areas: Bassari-Salémata, Bedik-Bandafassi and Fula-Dindéfello.

A visitor centre has been constructed at Sine Ngayène, but there is no guarantee it will be open or manned.

More likely, a local villager will very gladly give you a tour in exchange for cash.

Renting a 4×4 and a driver is the most reliable method to get there, but the ubiquitous sept-places (converted station wagons that roam the country as taxis) also make their way to Kedougou from most cities.UNESCO calls Saint-Louis a “subtle marriage between land and water”, but today that marriage looks heading for divorce, with a swelling river and advancing sea threatening to submerge the historic city.An architectural and cultural delight, Saint-Louis is great to visit all-year round (although is incredibly crowded during the international jazz festival in April-May).Of course, seeing the Delta at its best necessarily involves water transport.Pirogue trips are easily organised in the larger Delta towns, such as Palmarin and Djiffer, but eco-lodges on the fluvial channels allow you to see the morning battle between bird and fish without leaving dry land.

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Head right across the beach and weave through the cobbled streets and back alleys, before looping back through the main town and visiting the castle, monument and Maison des Esclaves after the tour groups.

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