Dating someone less intelligent boss pedal serial dating

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Dating someone less intelligent

I agree that we are going into different fields of expertise, but if you take your argument to a logical extreme then you could argue that there is no intelligence gap between stephen hawking and susan boyle as they are in 'seperate fields of expertise'.

My point is that I am pursuing a more academic degree while her's is more vocational and if I should be concerned about the possible lack of common ground for conversation in a relationship?

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I'd say 90% of my social circle go to Uni (Oxford, Cambridge, York, Imperial, Warwick, Durham, among others)..we can all get on.

I'd imagine the girl you like can get along too, the question is- can you? I know quite a few people from all walks of life, who I had previously assumed I wouldn't be able to get along with, but I do.

So what i'm really asking you guys is should this intullectual gap be a real concern or should I focus on her great personality etc. I think you should just see how it goes I think it's a valid point to an extent, although your reasoning seems a little skewed (there's no reason that a law degree makes you more intelligent than a nurse, for example).

If there really is a dearth of 'proper' conversation, then it can be an issue, and it isn't harsh to say so.

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Indeed, everything in life (including looks and whatnot) is transitory, but if you can't converse happily with someone into old age, thinking about marriage is pointless.

But at the same time, two different people can often have more interesting conversations. Is it that she does nursing, or that she can't follow your conversations sometimes?

I don't go, have never been, and will likely never go to Uni.

However I do have a brain, and can hold intelligent conversations with people.

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To anyone who has said that 'i don't deserve her'/'harsh' you could very well be correct.