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This helped to achieve the best understanding between developers and designers, and as a result, to accelerate and simplify the development process.

During the introduction of a single design system, the guys faced many problems due to a large amount of legacy code.

The conference has highlighted such topics as app performance, localization, optimization, QA, Firebase, Flutter, etc. Do not miss the welcome speech of e-Legion’s CEO — Roman Beloded in the Main Hall.

The speed of development and the quality of functionality are critical.He will also cover some aspects of penetration and security practices and share App Metrica team experience on data and code protection.Forget about the limits of mankind's possibilities! Fill in the questionnaire and share your idea at the ROSBANK’s booth.The following nominations will be awarded on the Main stage: • “Most interesting product” • “Craziest idea” • “Mr.Random” Rewards: JBL FLip 4 Speakers; next conference tickets.

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Your apps can also label a provided image for special characteristics and identify popular landmarks in a picture.