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Eve and stevie j dating

fight that everyone is still watching the show and dying to see. dated Eve that caused the female rapper to throw up the deuces and barely mention Stevie J. Even though he dated Eve at the height of her career, he still dogged Eve like he had done and still does every woman he sleeps with and romances. and Eve used to date back during the female rapper’s reign, however, many have no knowledge as to why the couple split. is probably relevant now more than ever because of the messiness that is Stevie J. baby mamas), and the fact that he got Joseline pregnant while he was supposed to be in a committed relationship, and the Lil Scrappy and Stevie J. has a long standing reputation of cheating on every woman he dates.Rapper Eve has been keeping a low profile ever since marrying her billionaire husband, Gumball 3000 owner Maximillion Cooper.

He has also dated female rapper Eve when she was 19, and she claimed his inability to be faithful was the reason she had to call things off.

The rapper talked candidly with Philadelphia high school girls during what she called “Intimate Hour”.

Eve talked about her career, journey to self-discovery and, of course, relationships.

These are some of the reasons many think Eve finally left allegedly, besides just learning of other women.

However, Mimi knows this full well and has stayed for years.

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But if the timing reveals anything, Mimi might have been a Joseline Hernandez to Stevie J.

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