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Fast track dating manual

Connect your Fast Track Pro USB cable to your computer.The included USB cable contains a rectangular connector (USB A) and a square connector (USB B).Observe your front panel while playing and recording music.If the red "Clip" light begins to flash, your levels are too loud and will result in distorted sound quality.People also complain about the "lack of administrators reading reports".Designed specifically for you in accordance with your unique requirements.On the official website, users can report a player by clicking the "Report Abuse" link under the user's profile, which will send them to a page similar to the in-game Report Abuse form, but with the player's name already filled out.On December 2010, players were awarded with a gift called "Janitorial Gift of Taking Out the Trash" if they reported 20 players for breaking the rules.

A user may be kicked out of the program if they send in bad reports or have a low Accuracy rating.

By turning the knob toward "PB," you hear more of your output, coming from your computer.

The "Output" knob controls your main output volume.

Turn the "Mix" knob indicated by "In" on the left side and "PB" on the right side) to control your playback (monitoring).

By turning the knob toward "In," you hear more of your input, or connected instruments.

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Some players also criticise that there are a limited amount of moderators to read reports.