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But there are few things that I’ve always wanted in a relationship, that might be considered “romantic” “romantic with a really sensual beautiful lady” So that’s why I decided to try one of these dating sites.

So my advice to all – reading all kind of information via internet is nice but that does not mean that if one is destined to be a loser forever – you will be a loser with some pretty young kitten also a loser!

Almost every International dating/marriage/matchmaking agency presents Ukrainian and Russian women as angels who dream to be house holders and have no personal wishes.

Thus, many Western men are disappointed after the first meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian woman in person because they find out that we Ukrainian women have high requirements to the men.

Very often, such a failure occurs for two reasons: the first reason is a false choice of a dating site/marriage agency and as a result of that, the man becomes a scam victim.

No need to translate as I posted my letter in Russian and the photo, well, that speaks a universal language I think. This is normal for me because not every Western man finds his destiny from Russia or Ukraine on the Internet.

Many International dating companies hide information about the owners and write false information.

In addition, the owners of are a married couple who met on the Internet.

Dear Krystyna, I am so glad to find your blog while googling.

I am wondering if you were already aware of ““.

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My advice do not listen but try and give yourself a chance…Hello, I am from Berlin, Germany and I wanted to talk about a site after reading about them: My Partner Forever.