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French canadian dating etiquette

The People The French adhere to a strong and homogeneous set of values.

They cherish their culture, history, language and cuisine, which is considered an art.

Though black is the most traditional color, caps and gowns and tassels vary in color depending on the school, or even departments within it.

Completing a phase of school in Canada is almost always celebrated with a fancy graduation ceremony.

Graduation presents from parents are increasingly expected from students these days as well, though not all families will be equally eager to indulge.The actual act of graduating is commemorated in a whole other ceremony a few days or weeks later, usually called convocation.On this day, the successful students don a distinctive “cap and gown” outfit and publicly receive rolled diplomas certifying their graduation from the head of the school before a packed auditorium full of friends and parents.Since Canadian kids tend to be fairly spoiled these days, the organization and planning of children’s birthday parties can often be a rather grueling and expensive chore for many parents; parties are now often expected to include a visit somewhere entertaining, such as the bowling alley, swimming pool, or movie theatre, as well as a full meal for all the guests.The guest’s parents, in turn, are expected to buy the birthday boy or girl a nice present in exchange.

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Canadian traditions also tend to be closely tied to the country’s various holidays, which are discussed in more detail in that chapter.

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