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The implementation of this programme has enhanced the antenatal care pathway offering pregnant women (and partners) greater choice, and increased accessibility across a range of venues, times and days of the week.

Aim: The aim of this project is to offer parents-to-be, a comprehensive antenatal education programme, which is engaging, practical and interactive in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills to make positive lifestyle choices for a healthy pregnancy, birth and healthy baby.

The programme was initially piloted in one children's centre, in a deprived area of Plymouth with close monitoring and evaluation.

The programme has been developed through small scale implementation, evaluation and modification.

The Great Expectations Quality assurance group was developed, to enable a multidisciplinary team to look at quality standards, best practice guidance, accessibility, capacity, resources, monitoring, evaluation, training needs, audit and research.

It addresses the public health outcomes framework and contributes to the many of the strategic aims of the City The Great Expectations quality assurance group gained support for the initiative at strategic level across all the partner organisations.

A series of stakeholder events enabled practitioners to contribute to the programme development, sharing their concerns and experiences.

Great Expectations antenatal education programme is a multidisciplinary parenting course for pregnant women, their partner (or chosen supporter).

The development and delivery of this programme has brought together a range of practitioners, who have reviewed the evidence base, looked at NICE guidance, quality standards and examples of best practice.

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The Public Health department in Plymouth is committed to addressing the health needs of the population through a life course approach.