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High school dating violence prevention

ABSTRACT FROM AUTHORAccession Number: 16199749; Close, Sharron M.1 Email Address: [email protected]; Affiliations: 1: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, NYU/Bellevue Department of Pediatrics, New York, NY; Source Information: Jan-Mar2005, Vol.’”“You have to address the entitlement right off the bat,” Lawson says.“So you have to explain that, yeah, not getting what you want sucks, but it’s part of adulthood. The biggest way we can combat domestic violence is to teach young boys and young girls that a relationship doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything.Furthermore, the incidence of dating violence, the etiology of abusive behavior, risk factors, gender differences, and prevention/intervention programs are discussed thereby highlighting the significance of dating violence among adolescents as a growing public health concern.

Bradford hopes the dating pool represents many different industries. If I don't know them, I'm not going to, like, to talk to them.

A relationship is a partnership.”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines dating violence as “the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional aggression within a dating relationship, including stalking.” The better school officials and students become at defining abuse the better off a campus will be.

Lawson discussed three general forms of abuse and gave examples of each (included below).

SOURCES USED: Case report and review of the literature.

CONCLUSIONS: Dating violence among middle school and high school youth must be addressed by screening risk and offering anticipatory guidance during each health maintenance visit in order to prevent victimization of youth in dating and attraction relationships.

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Victims of teen dating violence may become isolated from friends or appear anxious to upset their partner.

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