How to stop dating the wrong men

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How to stop dating the wrong men

As such, you’re never going to stop attracting the wrong men.What you ARE going to do different is to stop ACCEPTING them.It’s designed specifically for women who seem to have it all… If you want to learn exactly how you can attract and keep a relationship-minded man, then this class is for you.

Are you drawn to women who end up being bad for you?

Do you want to build a loving relationship with the right person? But constantly being attracted to the wrong women can be a difficult cycle to break.

You tell yourself that next time will be different, but then you end up right back where you started after yet another bad break-up.

And after all of those false starts and rejections and disappointments, it would be very easy to come to the conclusion that, dammit, you just seem to attract the “wrong” men. What if I told you that in my 15 years of single adulthood, I went out with a lot of women who were, let’s just say…highly emotional. And this is the stuff I can share with you in a blog post! I craved stability and normalcy and unconditional love and support. Thus, the problem isn’t that you’re attracting the wrong men. The truth is that you don’t ATTRACT the wrong men, you ACCEPT the wrong men.

Girlfriends who left me at weddings, restaurants and holiday parties. Girlfriends who threatened to beat up people with candlesticks. Anyway, once upon a time, one of my friends was listening to one of my dating horror stories and offered her diagnosis: It was a reasonable conclusion to draw. That’s when it dawned upon me: My problem wasn’t that I was attracted to crazy women…Yes, I was attracted to women, and yes, a certain percentage of them were going to be crazy. The real issue was how much time I’d invested in these women, hoping that they’d suddenly become calm. I continually put myself through roller-coaster relationships with insecure people, hoping that they would work themselves out. When you’re dating a man who has been with you for five years and never proposed, the problem is that you ACCEPTED HIM.

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