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Im dating my former teacher

As a pediatrician, it is hard for me to understand this widespread devaluation of those caring for and educating our nation’s children.

Now, a decade later, our economy has recovered, but our education spending has not. Highly qualified teachers are leaving our public schools, and the field struggles to attract new talent.

Yet to assume that capable teachers will stay or thrive despite poor treatment is a misguided strategy.

There are no quick fixes to the problems that we have created by undervaluing the work and contribution of teachers.

Teachers are salaried employees, yet we are often required to sign in or do after-hours work from campus, so that administrators can monitor our whereabouts and use of time.

Even more consequential, however, are the system failures that arise because of this distrust.

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Studying and addressing medical pathology, though impactful, began to seem less magical than fostering resilience.

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  1. I was also a mess, embroiled in a legal battle that I’m probably not allowed to discuss here or anywhere else, but I think I probably told him all about it within the first five minutes. It’s how you become an adult, and I think she helped me see that.” P. Because I know you want to know, I asked him what compelled him to be forward in the first place. emigrated to the US in 1988 and settled in Arizona where she works in education.

  2. But this would take time, involve conflict, and also mean that the kids would be more of a presence in your life—which brings me back to the package deal I mentioned earlier. On the days that Adam has the kids, are you there, too, or does Adam spend that time alone with them?