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Interracial dating in jacksonville fl

But compared to Miami as someone listed, which I was comparing Ocala too.

Ocala overall is much more conservative (restrictive) than a liberal (free thinking) city like Miami.

I understand your point in South Florida's diversity and that south Florida is probably more accepting.

Having only lived in Fort Lauderdale as a child I really don't know all of south Florida.

I know I have witnessed it more frequently over the last three years in Marion county.Marion county is much more diverse than Lake City or Live Oak.Whether or not they are accepted or not I really don't know because I have not been in one.Just look at NYC, Baltimore,or even Boston where many sections of the population would probably not be as approving of interactial relationships.The issue is always deeper than just racist attitudes.

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If a white person happen to venture these areas they might just find themselves severly beaten or their vital organs punctured by a automatic weapon of choice.