Is dating a sin in christianity

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Is dating a sin in christianity

God knows my situation and He will use it for His glory. If they can't communicate with you, they can't try to charm you. Pastors sometimes move for similar reasons as do teachers who make the mistake of becoming intimidate with high school students. The moment I left this man who was married I could finally look in the mirror and say I liked what I saw. dont throw it out there if you dont want any one to voice there stand on this matter.

My advice to anyone else in this position is get out early or suffer the long-term consequences. If you only knew the anguish of divorce maybe you would stop.

From what you write, it sounds like you are already one in flesh with him. God designed you as his child and no parent wants their child to be served someone else's food, toys, etc. He is still married to his wife and for sure, he will not leave his wife just for me.

You are just his lust and physical temptation and a thorn in their marriage by allowing him to lust for you - run away. I would like to encourage you to ask God to open your eyes so that you see this relationship for what it is not what you want it to be. So as the years roll by you will sit and wonder why NOBODY calls you darling any more!! Just a word of caution retaliation is no balm for truth. I have the same situation with you also, but I didnt know he lie to me until I found it my self.

That is the bottom line and, unless you repent and turn away from this sin, you will pay a heavy penalty. Until you have walked a mile in my shoes dont judge understand. It just happend people do make mistakes it may not be right but thank god. If he really loved you, he wouldn't be dating you when he's already married. Stop being a silly women,cut off seeing this man ,repent to God and go get an STD test quickly!

I am not setting in judgement of you, but I am telling you the truth according to God's Word. My god is a understanding and forgiving and the only one that i must answer to is him and not you. Pray very hard and get out of this realtionship as soon as possible. realize that this man is doing wrong to his wife, and would someday do the same thing to you. Get involved in your church and seek out help from your pastor and godly friends. No one can convince you to do anything, only you can obey or sin.

In that time of weakness I let myself be seduced by a married man. However, we got back together and have experienced 16 years growing in love for each other. You know you are doing wrong so STOP like everyone you have the choice to say NO who has greater power? YOU are at fault you cannot blame the man he is guiolty only for his part you for yours so repent and STOP the choice is yours you will have no peace until you repent and stop The worst sin anyone can commit is Adultery/Fornication, because it's not your own self that reaps the consequences of it, when you get married you'll always be looking over YOUR OWN shoulder because of what YOU'VE done. and will roll his head back in laughter when you ruin your own marriage with distrust and envy with the tract record you've got and can't hold on to your own husband with the haunt of what you've done, and doing. And they three lived together, until death put them apart. God did not say anything (to judge by the Bible record)against this. Not only is it adultery, it is also deceit, and there was NO deceit in Jesus.There's a lot you can do - but you've got to want too - that's your first step. I just want to remind you that Satan sets traps for us that are so alluring and appeal so strongly to our flesh but they are still traps. If you are a Christian, just explain to him that God states it is a sin. The easiest way to not allow people to have power over you is to totally stay away from you. I dont know if he has children or any details, but you do and God does,so you will answer to Him for why you didnt "break this hold he has on you". This kind of thing is a big part of why kids are running the streets,because daddy is with his girlfriend and doesnt have time for them. Mortal because it will cause SOUL DEATH if you don't stop. John Bosco (1815 - 1888) true dream about his trip to hell with his Guide. Yes Strong Axe, I know Diana wrote this 11 years ago. Ask God to give you a peace and to reveal how one sided your situation really is. In this, I'm gonna dumped him but I will do it my way.

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One way leads to death and the other to eternal life. This is not a gray area on which there is dissagreement amongst Christians because it is clearly addressed in scripture. And that is before you think about the fact that you are betraying God, as you are flouting His rules.

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