Liquidating roth ira rules

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Liquidating roth ira rules

You can immediately withdraw the entire 0,000 and pay tax (but no penalty) on the ,000 of earnings.

Or you can withdraw up to ,000 (paying no tax or penalty) and leave the ,000 of earnings in the Roth IRA until three years later, when you can withdraw the balance of the Roth IRA tax-free.

If you’re one of the few for whom this tax is still a concern, you should be aware that Roth IRAs don’t enjoy any special exemption from the estate tax.

If you own a Roth IRA at death and it passes to someone other than your spouse, it will be included in your taxable estate.

The tax only applies to earnings that built up after the contribution to the Roth IRA.Furthermore, the required distributions described above don’t apply to a Roth IRA you elect to treat as your own.You can leave the money in the IRA as long as you want.That means January 1, 2022 for Roth IRAs established in 2017, for example.As a result, a beneficiary may have to pay tax on earnings withdrawals if the original owner’s death and the beneficiary’s withdrawal both occur shortly after the Roth IRA is established.

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Note, however, that if you elect to treat the Roth IRA you inherit from your spouse as your own IRA, you may not be able to withdraw earnings free of tax or penalty until you reach age 59½.