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We then seek out and desire that same attachment style as an adult.If we had an insecure attachment develop with our parents, then we may have a fragmented sense of self, which may lead to low self-esteem, anxiety in relationships, doubt that we can trust others, and sometimes being more apt to seek out relationships that mimic this same attachment—not because it feels good but because it is familiar to us.

For example, conflict may be dealt with in the family by talking openly and assertively or by not talking about it and perhaps expressing the negative emotion in passive aggressive ways.Reflect on your childhood and try to remember the patterns you had in interacting with your parents. External messages from our families about communication, self-worth, and a host of other issues become internalized and assimilated into our own thoughts.If one's parents are still living, we can also start to notice how we interact with our parents now, and then see how those patterns may be playing out in our romantic relationships.These can be simple when they are very young, and get more complex as they age. Show them unconditional love with boundaries for behavior. Love your children unconditionally and express love to them in multiple ways.Help them to understand that there are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and that certain behaviors have positive or negative consequences, but whatever behaviors they exhibit they are still loved and there is always an opportunity for growth in the mistakes they make.

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