Mucky matches dating

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Mucky matches dating

Indeed, there is a verification process once you register and an approval from the admin of your account, but such doesn't dig in deeper if the account owner is a fraud or a fake.You can report a profile if the person behind it behaves maliciously, but there is no assurance from the site if such account will be suspended or deleted.Their colours are pleasing to the eyes but they seem to lack some sort of an engaging appeal.Indeed, they are very functional and you do not need to be a tech-expert to navigate them.You can even search for members according to their muddy-townie ratio.Once you've found someone you're interested in, you can favourite their profile.Lucas, 37, 80% Muddy -- Well, I think Muddy Matches is a good one for muddy people.Yeah, it accepts townie folks especially those who desire living in the country but cannot because of some factors like family and work.

After moving to London, the sisters were disappointed that most people on dating sites are too "townie" for them, so they created their own in March 2007 where both "muddies" and "townies" can meet.There's a section for questions about appearance, then there's another one for educational and occupational background, and one more for lifestyle.It is a big help that the text fields are not all over the place.Compared to other dating sites, Muddy Matches' search function is very comprehensive.There are several filters and options you can tinker with to make your search results truly specific, thereby raising your chances of finding "the right date".

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The site acknowledges that no person is a total muddy and vice versa, so it is open to people from all walks of life.