Novels about dating violence

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But parents and educators who teach kids about what a positive, respectful relationship looks like — and how to identify an unhealthy one — can make a huge difference.

So this February, start talking to your kids about what healthy relationships look like!

Juli and Bryce met in second grade, and she immediately knew he was perfect...

while he just thought she was weird, with her love of trees and chickens.

These books acknowledge and explore the erratic feelings that come with love.

With an ending that's sure to generate discussion, this book will get teens talking about what they would give up for someone they loved.

until a mega pop star arrives and makes everything more complicated!

But as Jack and Mouse grow closer, their sweet and funny relationship may help Mouse rediscover her love of dance and feel comfortable with who she is now.

She opts to throw herself into the school musical — where the drama, of course, isn’t confined to the stage.

This graphic novel tackles all the ups and downs tweens and teens experience as they start experiencing their first feelings of infatuation and love — hope, excitement, fear, uncertainty, and even the dawning realization of sexual orientation as one of Callie’s friends from the drama club confines in her that he’s gay — in a compelling and compassionate way.

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Told in alternating perspectives, this charming story of friendship and first love captures the best that a relationship can be — even if it is part of the mishaps and discoveries of seventh grade.

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