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In this case, it's the same element, so there's no difference.

Let's assign an oxidation state to each chlorine atom in the chlorine molecule.So the electron in magenta, this electron over here in magenta on this sodium, added onto one of these chlorines here.And then this electron on this sodium added onto the other chlorine, like that, and so sodium lost its valence electron.And since the charge on the ion is plus 1, that's also the oxidation state. We're going to circle the oxidation state to distinguish it from everything else we have on the board here. Therefore, the oxidation state is equal to negative 1.And so let's think about what happened in this redox reaction. Chlorine is going from an oxidation state of 0 to an oxidation state of negative 1.

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The characteristic of the halogen group from the top to down in its oxidizing characteristic is getting weaker, but Astatine is not included as an oxidizer because Astatine is a radioactive compound. Due to that characteristic of halogen group, Fluorine is a compound with the strongest oxidizing characteristic among other compounds in the VIIA group.

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