Ping pong speed dating

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By using still photos, video study, and even sound analysis, Jay has managed to come up with a pretty definitive answer to just how fast that little white sphere can be banged around!Turberville also pointed out that a smash competition is significantly different from a competitive match in a few ways.

I've heard estimates of over 100mph for a ball coming off the racket face.Brandt said his technique was key—a combination of timing and strength paired with a loose wrist and a flat smash.The second place winner's speed was 66.5 kph, a smash with a 38mm ball that was dropped vertically to the player smashing it.Mark French, a mechanical engineer at Purdue University in Indiana, customized a ping-pong gun with two of his graduate students that can fire the balls at more than 1,300 feet per second, or about Mach 1.2.Fired at close range, the ping pong ball blows right through a ping pong paddle at a speed of 919 miles per hour.

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