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Private dating scan nottingham

A full report will be issued to put in your obstetric records.We encourage you to show this report to your healthcare professional looking after your care.Hello Baby capture the perfect pictures and angles during our private baby scans in St Helens to ensure an ever-lasting memory for you and the rest of the family.Established more than 6 years ago, we guarantee exceptional customer service to all and are immensely proud of the positive customer feedback and reviews we regularly receive.

The baby is now measuring approximately 45mm and clearly has a distinguishable head, body, arms and legs.Closer to 7 weeks a fetal pole, the visual start of seeing a baby(s) but still measuring only a few millimetre (the size of a grain of rice) with a heartbeat the chances of pregnancy continuing 78%.The baby usually measures 10 – 20 mm and a heartbeat can be seen clearly Baby now measures 20 – 30 mm and again a heartbeat is clearly visible.Should a problem be found, we will make all the necessary arrangements for follow-up care at a suitable time and location of your preference.Whether you’re looking to conceive, require an update on baby’s progress or have a concern with your pregnancy.

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The early stages in life are the most critical time.

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