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As a result, these people hoard garbage, detritus, and knick knacks to the point that their houses or apartments becomes stuffed with items.In the show, these people work with therapists and psychologists in order to face their problems hoarding before (or sometimes after) it becomes a health and safety hazard.Local law enforcement confirmed that there was no “Amish Mafia”, and the series itself even admitted that most of it is staged.In fact, most of the regulars on the series aren't even Amish and therefore have no ties to the church.

The show, presented by Caroline Flack, throws a bunch of good looking singletons together in a huge Spanish mansion for six weeks in the hope that they’ll find love.As a twist on the other programs, two of the guy's or girl's ex-es come along for the ride.The ex-es watch the date on a monitor and make snide comments in the other's earpiece to try to persuade them not to end up in the limo (where all the dates end).Then there are the reality TV shows that are pretty close to being real.These shows basically leave the cameras running and capture real drama, danger, comedy, and tragedy, even if they occasionally have to re-enact moments in order to please the producers and the network.

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First off, this show is yet another in the seemingly endless realm of dating programs.

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