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Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

The free version of ELECTRICIAN for Sales Logix is full of useful features, but won't let you take snapshots, only shows the top 20 table rows in the table browser, doesn't let you export control lists, and has a tendency to remind you occasionally to register it. You can also register by FAXing 1-800-886-6030 (US orders only) or 1-208-279-3837 (non-US/UK orders only). You can also just send us a check, if you prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things. It can optionally generate a "hit list" which you can save, print, or use as the basis for a new query.It even stores your search terms in a history list combo-box, so you don't have to keep retyping them. Try searching for a phrase like "Support Response" among all your Enable (legacy) Basic scripts in Architect.And new in version 1.9, you can search the entire text of any record in any table, including decoded BLOB fields. (In fact, try stopping it once the first match has been found - good luck with that...) Then run the same search in Electrician. (Pun intended.) Advanced BLOB Decoders: We went the extra mile and worked out special decoding methods that drastically improve on the ones provided by Sales Logix.Many of the control properties in Sales Logix Active Form and Main View plugins are actually embedded in hex-encoded "sub-objects," each of which requires additional decoding. View neatly-interpreted group query definitions (and preview the groups themselves) instantly!And, like a search hit list, a dependency list can be saved, printed, or converted to a query.Of course, since plugins can be invoked using script variables, these lists shouldn't always be treated as complete.

Version 1.9 adds several cool new features, including a special window for looking at the raw data behind your team structure.Electrician produces attractive printouts of your scripts and the decoded text of other plugins, and it can also save plugin text data as text or RTF files.(And it doesn't require a separate report-writer program.) Dependency Lists: Electrician can generate a list of all the other plugins that directly call the plugin you've selected, as well as all plugins directly called by it. The custom field has been set to the 80-character maximum in Salesforce.Not all validation rules are appropriate for the synchronization process, especially in scenarios where the sync process has no way of knowing the information that is being required.

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