Senegalese dating

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Senegalese dating

To maintain their stronghold, French colonists relied heavily on the establishment of a (mixed race) society.This society was born out of a union of French traders or soldiers (who usually had their own families in France) marrying local women (usually of a high class) to further their business interests.It begins in the coastal town of Saint-Louis in the north of Senegal, where a photo camera, believed to be the first to be used in West Africa (link in French), was sent by the French Minister of Marine and Colonies in 1863.

The 675-mile river, which gives its name to the country, flows from the south-east and forms Senegal’s northern and eastern borders.

All travellers should practice strict mosquito bite avoidance at all times. Seek pre-travel health advice from your health care provider 6-8 weeks in advance of travel.

Senegal has a long and turbulent history, with the earliest traces of human life dating as far back as the Stone Age. The etymological maze all begins with Senegal’s geography.

Since then, Senegal’s mighty rivers, golden coastline and sandy plains have found themselves part of empires, kingdoms and colonies, before finally gaining independence in 1960. A low-lying country of mostly rolling desert plains, Senegal’s western side wholly borders the Atlantic Ocean, with land borders to the north (Mauritania), east (Mali), and south (Guinea and Guinea-Bissau).

The Gambia, which runs along the Gambia river, is almost entirely engulfed, giving Senegal the cartographic appearance of having a mouth.

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The latest treasure to be revealed on that journey is the Saint-Louis Photography Museum in Saint-Louis, Senegal, which opened last November.

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