Sexdating israel

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Sexdating israel

OPA is a plant-based and design focussed eatery located in Tel Aviv’s lesser known Levinsky Market.

OPA offers a tightly edited menu of 5-7 plant based dishes created by chef Shirel Berger.

Restful sleep is paired perfectly with an intoxicating art collection throughout the rooms, corridors, and living spaces; each corner a destination of possible repose or reverie.

Derived from the style coveted by the leisure and business set, HGU New York awakens all senses and consistently impresses. HQ ARCHITECTS (HQA) was founded in Israel in 2008 by Erez Ella, formerly of OMA and REX.

It describes itself as a response to the notion that the old agency models “are all broken” and “the traditional solutions are becoming less and less effective”.

Extraordinary Journeys was founded and operated by mother-daughter team Marcia and Elizabeth Gordon.

The Palácio’s discreet and attentive staff are as devoted as they are charming.

Serving as the house of the Earl of Belmonte, Cabral and the Marquis of Atalaia for the past 500 years, the Palácio Belmonte represents the synthesis of two millennia of Portugese history that stands today as the premiere example of authentic Portugese luxury and hospitality.

Perched over the ancient port city of Caesarea, Helena — helmed by Chef Amos Sion and co-founded by legendary Chef Uri “Buri” Jeremias — boasts panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and restored, Herodian-era ruins.

Chef Sion incorporates locally grown meats, fresh fish and seafood caught daily from the port of Caesarea, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and even local wild herbs and plants indigenous to the Levant.

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