Smugmug smart galleries not updating arab dating sites for friendship and marriage 2016

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Smugmug smart galleries not updating

So, for me this means that for every wedding I’ve shot for the last 3 years, my clients have not received the correct info on accessing their galleries. Not only has this impacted 3 years of print sales, but it’s probably generating negative associations with my brand because every guest who tries to view the wedding is unsuccessful.

I’d been wondering why my print sales and gallery traffic were so low. Here’s a closer look at the glitch: to announce a wedding to clients, Smug Mug users create an “event” for the photo collection.

Either way, it makes me look unprofessional and results in negative perception of my brand.

We all know how easily we give up if technology isn’t working.

So, if you use Smug Mug, you might want to see if you’re affected by this glitch as well.

If so, it could be hurting your business in a big way without you knowing.

I’m guessing that the vast majority of people trying to access my photos have just given up.

This means my print sales have suffered as have hundreds if not thousands of possible referrals.

The message I receive has none of the information that was saved and represented in the test I sent: And that’s pretty much it.

I recently discovered a glitch with Smug Mug that’s now causing me a massive headache.

If you use Smug Mug, this may be negatively impacting your business as well, so this article is a heads up for any photographer on Smug Mug that may be affected.

That is a really big problem for a small business like mine.

This issue means that I now need to reach out to all my past clients and correct the issue/apologize, which is a massive inconvenience.

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Clicking the “send me a test” button sends you an email that includes the modified message.

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