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Stop attack intimidating shout macro

If index is a number without quotes, it will call the macro in the order displayed in the macro frame.If you instead provide a name of the macro within quotes, you can call the macro if you know its name.This addon provides a very much improved interface for macros.

Backup this file before you install a new version of Super Macro.

***** Slash commands For complete info on slash commands and their corresponding LUA functions, read If another addon already took /use, you could use the /smuse. To print some text to the default chat frame, you can use the /print command. Ctrl-Alt-click will insert the recipe into the macro.

Supermacro changes the /macro command so that you can run a macro from the chat line. This is equivalent to /script Run Macro("macro_name"). /macro Attack NOTE: Running a macro or script from the chat line will not cast spells. Just /supermacro shows help for Super Macro options. For instance, /supermacro hideaction 1 /supermacro hideaction 0 Setting it to 1 hides the macro names on action buttons, and 0 shows them. Make sure the /eq and the item link are on the same line. Shift-click on item or tradeskill will insert name, and Ctrl-Shift will insert the name inside quotes.

For instance, suppose you want a macro to attack and to cast a spell.

You can make a macro with this body: Put the pet attack icon in the first slot on your pet action bar (should be there by default).

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In addition, there are two special bindings for Attack and Pet Attack.