Sugar daddy dating reviews

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He takes care of me financially and emotionally and physically. He still covers my rent and billings, and he is my mentor.

With over a decade of experience, you'll find only the most serious successful men and attractive young women on our award-winning site and app. Now she has a boy friend, we had to stop but we still lunch together once or twice a month. We meet online and started talking, then hit it off immediately.Many times we said that we deserved the GOLD MEDAL for the best couple SB-SD I like the look of the website- its simple & no tackiness like other adult sites seem to have. Both of us happy are very happy and look forward to getting to know each other better. Firstly because of too many fakes, secondly because those few real women who I met acted like princesses.It is a lot more fun I think)) It has been three years since I signed in sugardaddymeet.I really appreciate it for offering me chances to meet a nice and real sugar daddy here.

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As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the sugar daddy dating business for over a decade!