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Targum pseudo jonathan dating

The Aramaic of the Targums is Western Aramaic, but it is Western Aramaic tinctured with Hebrew.The fact that the returned captives originally had spoken Hebrew would doubtless have its effect on their Aramaic. One very marked feature is the presence of yath, the sign of the accusative translating the Hebrew 'eth, whereas in ordinary Aramaic, Eastern and Western, this is unused, except as supporting the oblique case of pronouns.

With the arrival of Ezra there was a revival of the study of the Law, and with that the necessity for the interpretation of it in language which the people could understand. Language of the Targums: From the facts above narrated, this language was of necessity Aramaic.This threefold process implies more than merely distinct enunciation.If this passage is compared with Ezra it would seem that mephorash ought to mean "interpreted." The most natural explanation is that alongside of the readers of the Law there were interpreters, meturghemanim, who repeated in Aramaic what had been read in Hebrew.The language common to all these, in addition to their native dialect, was Aramaic.The Jewish inhabitants that had been left in the land would, like their relatives in Babylonia, have become accustomed to the use of Aramaic, to the exclusion, more or less complete, of Hebrew. Away from the site of their destroyed temple, the exiles did not, like those in Upper Egypt, erect another temple in which to offer sacrifices.

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What interval separated this public reading of the Law from the reading of the Law as a portion of synagogue worship we have no means of knowing.

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