To dating my daughter

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To dating my daughter

eww.”Problem in story-craft is; as far as immersion, it actually breaks either the characters emotionally in follow through, or it breaks suspension of disbelief. Thus, it is perfectly allowable to let the characters be more comfortable with the idea themselves. The problem with her playing princess the whole game WHILE also being increasingly willing to do sexual things “if he plays her way” reads; decode me and you get sex. People get that often enough out of a real relationship.If I wanted to solve a rubik’s cube I’d go do that. You can pursue other options, but you are very much not really supposed to.Though the only actual intercourse you’ll have in the first chapter involves the other women.There are two scenes available and one is entirely missable if you choose to reject a condom.

Now that she's 18 years old, she contacts you and says that she would like to have a “father-daughter” date with you.Of course my problem with mini-games in general should be taken into account.I also give fair warning I don’t go in for the ‘Princess By Day’ types. So the whole experience is basically be a good little puppy and win the right combination of points.In the second chapter, and I do get why they go on about this and go far out of the way to try and subtly say it might happen anyway, but of course “it’s a bad thing” again – both the Dad and Daughter freak after they finally have sex.They eventually get to the point we all fantasize about because it’s not so common in reality. By that point, she’s gotten contraceptives, which I’ve stated in several reviews now I have issues with.

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Specifically because it does cater to a certain kink. The issue for me is, the daughter outright says she wants kids.

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